Everything in the world began with a yes.
One molecule said yes to another molecule
and life was born. But before prehistory 
there was the prehistory of prehistory and there was the never and there was the yes.
Clarice Lispector



I tell you. I fell in love with a tree. I couldnt’ not. It was in blosssom.

The Whole Story and other stories, Ali Smith

L’esergo al libro  e l’ inizio di uno dei più bei racconti – è possibile innamorarsi di un albero?  
Secondo Ali Smith: sì.

girlmeetsboyHeavenly creatures
A long time ago, on the island of Crete, a girl called Iphis was raised as a boy to save her life. But then she fell in love – with another girl.

Ali Smith brings Ovid’s most joyful myth into the modern age.

From the publisher: “Girl Meets Boy” – It’s a story as old as time. But what happens when an old story meets a brand new set of circumstances?Ali Smith’s re-mix of Ovid’s most joyful metamorphosis is a story about the kind of fluidity that can’t be bottled and sold.It is about girls and boys, girls and girls, love and transformation, a story of puns and doubles, reversals and revelations.Funny and fresh, poetic and political, “Girl Meets Boy” is a myth of metamorphosis for the modern world.

Pubblicato nel 2007, questo romazo “metamorfico” esplora uno dei temi più cari alla scrittrice scozzese: come l’amore sia indifferente a genere, cliché culturali e, non ultime, aspettative pubbliche e private. Un inno alla libertà individuale che trae ispirazione dalla mitologia classica.